2 Silent Hill Demos by Wayforward!

Tonight I watched a little bit of Wayforward on Twitch TV. For 24 hours they are playing their games and answering questions. This is all in celebration of the final few hours left Wayforward has for there current Kickstarter for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1236620800/shantae-half-genie-hero

Anyway, for an hour they showed off some never before seen demos they sent to Konami a few years back, just wanting to get a chance to dive into the world. I took a few screenshots. And although at the time I was super excited and didn’t catch everything, I’ll try to write down all the things that I can remember about the demos.

Demo 1: Silent Hill 2 DS

The first demo was sent to Konami about the time that Silent Hill Origins was being passed around. Also at about the time that Tomm Hulett was being asked to get more involved with Silent Hill. As part of a separate assignment, Konami asked Tomm to check out Wayforward as a possible dev for a game, which ended up being Contra 4. Tomm had been pushing Konami to work with Wayforward for a while, so it was a fun coincidence at the time that the he had just started working on Silent Hill content and was playing their SH2 DS demo.

The demo started with a pair of feet that slowly panned upward to see that the feet belonged to James Sunderland. He was laying in a room that was a bit dank. The camera angles were very much like SH2. The room was a triangle and the player walked around examining things. There were two mirrors and a piano. As you can tell from the screenshots, there were items; a flashlight, a radio and a sheet of music. It had a poem that was a riddle to how you played the piano. After playing the notes the screen went white and you were transformed to the same room in ‘The Other World’ In the center of this room, there was a creature in a box. When you poked at the box, the creature wiggled around violently. After not looking closely at the box it attacks you and you die.


Demo 2: Precursor to Book of Memories

After having sent the first demo, Konami started to shop around a for a dev to create a creepy puzzle-based horror game. Tomm brought Wayforward’s demo to the table, and Konami asked to see if they could do ‘scary’ environments and the like. Then a newer demo was born.

This demo was one room with a puzzle. The room itself was a mirror image or itself. One side was the dusty old image of a families master bedroom with the newly born child’s crib in the corner. This side was very reminiscent of that lonely abandoned room feel. On the opposite side of the room was the ‘Other World’ version of the room. The crib was replaced by a box with a hole in it. The walls around the baby’s crib had fleshy bits behind bars and decapitated children’s toys. The bed, nice and neat on one side of the room is a nasty rusted frame with blood smears. After a while the player notices glowing symbols on the walls. After playing with the controls a bit the player also notices that they can zoom out to a view much like the one in Book of Memories. There is a symbol on the floor. After some trial an error you can see that you have to pick the symbols that all come together to make up the symbol in the floor. I loved the back and forth camera angle. One being like most Silent Hill games and the other being like Book of Memories. However, they said they had to scrap the idea because adding the content of the ceiling and both views to a game would overload it.


In Conclusion:

Overall it was fun to see the love the Wayforward people have for Silent Hill. Also very interesting to see what a Silent Hill game would look like remade for a handheld. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Wayforward do a Horror game in the future.

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