AboutPicIn about 2003 I picked up SH 2 to play because I’ve always liked creepy things. I had a hard time playing the controls. A few months later I picked it up again and this time I actually played it through. I didn’t think about the series again until SH4 came out and I played it at a friends house. Actually he mostly played it because we wanted to beat it together and I’m an annoying player that checks out EVERYTHING and gets scared and throws the controller. But after SH4 I became kinda obsessed. I played every game I could and felt REALLY bad for the way the fandom hated on SH4.

This is about the time I decided to start cosplaying and I choose to do a Bubblehead Nurse for my first costume. It was also a little before the movie came out, so when I wore it at the GenCon that year, no one knew what I was. “Look at the Zombie Nurse!”

When SH:Homecoming was about to come out, I didn’t want it to be all hated on like SH4, so when the Siam came out and Daguru and I saw how cool the design was, we decided to do it: A.) Because we loved the design B.) Because it was a challenge and C.) Because we wanted to be supportive of the new game. We wanted to see our series continue to grow.

Siam is what sparked me to REALLY start cosplaying. But after the backlash with SH4 and the backlash from SH:H, I stopped being a part of the fandom community completely. Its hard to be surrounded by so much negative, even if you did agree SH:H wasn’t the best game.

I found my love for Silent Hill, but instead of in the entire community, I found it in the small group of Silent Hill cosplayers. Over the years I met so many wonderful people through cosplay and A LOT of my best friends I met through Silent Hill cosplay.

I got back into the online community through Whitney of SilentHillHistoricalSociety.com. I needed some better detailed pictures of Dahlia from Shattered Memories and Whitney had some small photos on her website. She e-mailed me the bigger versions and from there I started listening to her podcast and going to forums again. SO big thanks to Whitney. Since then I’ve been a pretty regular lurker on the SilentHillCommunity forums, the Silent Hill tumblr tag, and multipule SH facebook communities.

I’m really into Silent Hill and Survival Horror Cosplay as well as Silent Hill fan creations of any kind and reading about collecting SH items. I like to be as encouraging to the community because I don’t want anyone to feel left out like I did way back when everyone hated SH4. And although I get frustrated sometimes, I caulk it up to being human and try to move on.

This blog is really gonna be a lot of rambling, silly posts and just overall things I find cool in the community. I also wanted a place online to show off my collection and an easy access point for all my Silent Hill cosplay photos and silly photos. Nothing to professional. If you want professional, you should check out my affiliates on the front page!

Till next time; Stay creative and be kind to one another!



Silent Hill and Other Geek Stuff Quick Ref!

Favorite Silent Hill game: Silent Hill Downpour/Silent Hill 3/Silent Hill 4/Shattered Memories/I’m not TRYING to cop out, I just feel that they are really great for a number of reasons and its hard to rank them.

Favorite Silent Hill soundtrack: Silent Hill 3

Favorite Silent Hill Track: Room of Angels (SH4) or Love Psalm (Book of Memories)

Favorite Main Protagonist: Murphy ‘Cupcake’ Pendleton

Favorite Antagonist: Walter & Claudia

Favorite Supporting Character: Punk!Rock Dahlia

Favorite Monster/Enemy: Awinita from Past Life

Scariest Monster/Enemy: Weeping Bats or Victim 7 & 8

Favorite Boss: Scarlet

Favorite Quote: “Monster? They look like monsters to you?!”

Favorite Quote (Funny): “My mother was a bitch.” Heather as Mira in the SH:SM Joke Ending

Favorite Cover: Silent Hill HD Collection or UK Book of Memories

Other Favorite Vidya Games: Suikoden II, Final Fantasy VII & XI, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, The Legend of Dragoon, Rule of Rose



Although I love discussion, I dislike when discussions become disrespectful. If you don’t like something, that is fine, however no one should be talked down to for liking something you don’t or not liking something you do. I follow the rule of if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. No one should be “shot” or called names or made to feel bad because of a video game. I believe this with every fiber of my being. If anything like this is to ever come up on any comment, it will be instantly deleted. No questions asked. Multiple times and you will be banned. Please respect my home, and I will respect you! Thanks!

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