A collection of Silent Hill costumes I’ve made. I think in all I have made about 3k worth of costumes at this point for myself and probably more than 5k in costumes for myself and others.

Here’s a tiny look at my collection. I have more detailed descriptions of these costumes on my cosplay website. All galleries on this page are from the newest to the oldest costume.

*Also note that there are tons of photos… in which I am taking myself VERY SERIOUSLY! CAUSE SH IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Prep from Silent Hill: Book of Memories

I really love the artwork of this game and I knew a lot went into it, so I made a character from it. I love cosplaying SH:BoM because its the least serious time in the world. Nothing but SH jokes. <3 Plus making the Book was fun

On N/A

George Sewell from Silent Hill: Downpour

I love this game. Love, love, love it. Murphy is quite possibly one of my favorite SH characters, if not my favorite. (Heather and Walter have been for so long…..) I loved the character development so much and, honestly, to me George was the first truly evil characters in the series. All other antagonists had been kinda raised to be ‘evil.’ George was just a bastard. A bastard that looked like Kevin Bacon.


Claudia Wolf from Silent Hill 3

Claudia is so strange and devout that I can’t help but love her. She has this sense of wanting to save the world. You can tell she really wants to, but its in all the wrong ways. Throughout SH3, I found myself feeling bad for her. She’s got a special place in my heart. I also really wanted to cosplay another lady member of the order who goes shoeless.


Dahlia Mason from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

I got Punk Rock Dahlia the first time I played through the game… and the 2nd time. When I finally got the other Dahlia’s I completely understood why I got Punk Rock Dahlia all the time… we are so incredibly similar in mannerism and personality. I love Dahlia so much in Shattered Memories. In fact, I love this game so much I can sit down and beat it in 5 hours and I’ve probably beaten it over 12 times.


Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill

Call back to my homies in the original Silent Hill. How can you not like this crazy old bitty? Especially when you realize she’s only like 40 and she looks like this. Poor gal. Anyway, like I said before on Claudia’s description, I love me some crazy order ladies. I have a thing for bad guys, if you haven’t been able to tell yet. I really wanted to do a character not cosplayed often and someone from SH1, so Dahlia was my choice. I love being a scary old lady.


Demon Nurse from Silent Hill 3

This was my 2nd costume. My first costume was a Bubblehead Nurse from SH2. However, I made her back before I could sew. Most the costume was an altered dress and a paper mache mask attached on with bandages. I remade the costume via dirtying the same dress and getting a wig… plus adding the makeup. About 3 years later, with a little more skill under my belt I made this version of the nurse. Way closer to accurate. Mouth is made that way because I believe this is what it would look like IRL. Its just how I see the symbolism to mean.


Robbie the Rabbit

Robbie is a Gijinka version because a friend told me to make a cute costume… and this is as cute as I could get :P Honestly this is still one of my favorites. I love making original costumes and I love Rabbits. I did a lot of call outs to different versions of Robbie with this costume.


Siam from Silent Hill Homecoming

Probably the one I am most known for if you know who that is on the back of that monster. I had made a Bubblehead Nurse and Demon Nurse before this, but this is the first big project. Daguru and I discussed it over e-mail for months and I would travel 4 hours to visit him and put it together. He knew more about the materials for the costume, but I put in a lot of work for all the details on the clothing and ideas for how to structure out brace and straps under the clothes. I also did a lot of the makeup on the skin that we did the 2nd time we wore it. To this day I still get pains in my lower back from time to time. I think because of this costume that is where I hold my stress. True story, we did this costume because the monster was awesome, it was a challenge and because we wanted to support the SH series after they got crap for SH4 (Which is a fantastic game you stinking haters!)


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