Review: ToyMunkey’s Red Pyramid Thing (w/ Lying Creature)

As a newer collector I was very excited to get a chance to make The Red Pyramid Thing by Toymunkey a part of my growing collection. Not only because its beautiful, but also because the costumer in me loves having a reference to see things up close for detail work. I was very happily surprised by this piece.

The package arrived at my door covered in black paper. When I tore it open to reveal the Red Pyramid Statue inside, I fell in love with the beautiful packaging.  I’ve been guilty of taking toys out of their boxes and throwing the box away, but this box is truly a display piece in itself. The front has a display opening shaped like save points from Silent Hill 2. You can see the statue through the display. On the back of the box is official artwork by Masahiro Ito. I’ve always enjoyed his art — and I know I’m not the only one — so to have an official print is really cool. There’s also a surprise in the artwork: a never-before-seen tattoo on Pyramid Head’s upper arm. Along the narrow sides of the box, you’ll find details about the game, character, sculptor, and painter.

Now to gush about the statue inside. Shinya Akao sculpting is superb and seamless. Look closely at the sculpture and you’ll have trouble finding any manufacturing marks. The “Great Knife” comes detached from the statue in the box, but is easily slipped on the base of the handle. What makes this sculpture unique is its great detail. Statues sometimes rely on painters to add texture to the piece, but Akao did much of this detail himself in the mold itself.  For example: divots on the Straight Jacket victim’s legs are actual divots in the statue. The texture of the rips on Red Pyramid Head’s apron appear very realistic. The statue also includes a new look at the Pyramid Head’s helmet; you can see the texture of the underside. And it looks like brain tissue — or perhaps the kind of tissue that makes up the head of a Bubblehead Nurse. I was very happy with the presentation of RPH’s tongue hole. The hole in the helmet isn’t an awkward box. It fits into the texture of the helmet and look seamless. The four-fingered glove on his hands is a great touch. Picking up the sculpture out of the box, you’ll notice it’s very lightweight. It’s lighter than an iron.

Although Akao put so much detail into the sculpture, there’s a lot to praise about the work of the painter, Yoshinori Yatae.  The wash of colors over RPH’s arms gives the statue a very other-worldly yet realistic look that pops. I’m very happy with the depth and color of the blood on this statue. It looks fresh and far from the cliche candy apple red. In fact, the blood covering the statue is very understated, which I really love.  To me, Silent Hill is gory, but it doesn’t focus on the gore. The statue follows that philosophy. One of my favorite paint features on the statue is the blood spots on his boots, a sometimes neglected part of a statue because it’s not the central focus.

The base of the sculpture is simple and doesn’t distract from the details of the piece. There’s also a certificate of authenticity on the inside with a product number, some information about the statue and artwork, as well as a plastic case to keep the certificate clean. On the back of the card there is another smaller print of Ito’s art for the statue.

The price of the statue and outstanding care that went into this piece of art makes it a great addition to any Silent Hill collection. I keep mine with me at my sewing station.

After having him a few months, he gained a small friend.

I’d like to do a more informative piece on video in the near future to cover details in the statue for those interested in using it as a cosplay resource. So look forward to that!

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  1. Whitney says:

    Lovely review! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Bubble Head Nurse it’s pretty amazing as well :)

  2. Jo says:

    Oh, your Pyramid Head has a small friend too? What a coincidence, mine also has a small friend! :P

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