The Famous Pyramid Head Scene



Now I know what people think when they see these images: Pyramid Head is raping the mannequins. Fans say (and I think a developer or two has hinted) this scene represents James’s sexual frustration while his wife was in the hospital.

When I first saw this video (back in 2003 before I even knew there was a Silent Hill fan base on the internet), the only time I used the internet was to immerse myself in RPG Fanart and MMORPGs. At that time I seriously thought Pyramid Head was killing the mannequin in front to get to the one in the back. I thought the first mannequin was trying to protect the second and that was why he had to fight his way through it and push it out of the way. I also seriously thought Pyramid Head was was trying to push the second mannequin down the garbage disposal. You would think I had these thoughts because I was naive, but you’d be wrong; I’ve been a huge pervert since thirteen. I’ve been around boys most of my life so you would think something THIS sexually obvious…well. I would instantly grab at it, right?

Recently I listened to an interview on the Silent Hill Experienced podcast with Jeremy Blaustein, the guy in charge of casting for Silent Hill 2. When they asked him what he thought and if the rape scene was supposed to represent sexual frustration, he said “I can’t really understand why this has become such an issue…Pyramid Head wasn’t really a character in my mind. He was a force of nature…a device to scare people. So he does things that are scary. You don’t need to pick apart whether he was actually raping them…It’s a very valid interpretation but whether or not ahh…Its just supposed to be disturbing images. The guy that did the art probably had something in mind…He’s not human. The nurses definitely aren’t human, so there is no issues of consent or none consent. I don’t want to discourage people from speculating, in fact, that is one of the things that the team would want people to do, to think about these things. But talking about it is different than thinking there should be one single answer. It would be hard not to read some sexuality in there.” Later he says, in reference to what ending is ‘canon,’ “Celebrate the fact that video games allow this and don’t impose one interpretation.”

After hearing all this in the interview and hearing him talk about SH3 being about art, it got me thinking. Perhaps the sexual nature of the scene might have been in one of the developer’s minds, and not an actuality of what the storytellers intended. Maybe, for this guy who’s making the visuals, it’s meant to look sexual. But personally, I don’t think that means it’s actual rape. I know, it’s a very unpopular way of looking at things. I’m not gonna go out on a limb and be like “IT’S NOT RAPE YOU IDIOTS STOP WITH THE RAPE JOKES!” Everyone enjoys a laugh, right? (Although, I have to admit, rape isn’t very funny to me personally) For me, in my own little blog-o-sphere, I just wanted to throw it out there that Silent Hill isn’t always as it appears on the surface, and challenge people to think about it on a deeper level. I suppose, in the end, it bothers me that people take this explanation as “fact” and ascribe these desires and attributes to a character that, in the end, might not be intended by the developers at all. Try playing on of the Silent Hill games sometime, and throw all the things you think you know to the wind. You might find you play the game in an entirely different way.

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